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House Rules

These rules are in addition to and do not supplant all conditions, obligations, and covenants of the Agreement. NWA Workplaces (the Host) may refrain from enforcing any rule against any Guest (NWA Workplaces Clients) without it being construed as a waiver of the Host’s right to later enforce that rule. The Host may make other rules in its reasonable judgment for the safety, care, and cleanliness of the Shared Office Center. The Host shall provide Guest reasonable notice of any rule changes.

Guest shall abide by these rules and shall ensure that all agents and visitors abide by these rules.

  1. Locks. Guest shall pay a reasonable amount, determined by the Host, for each key issued by the Host to Guest for its office doors. Upon termination of the Lease, Guest shall return all keys and copies of keys to the Host. Guest shall obtain all keys from the Host and shall refrain from duplicating keys. Please lock the front door when leaving any time after 5 pm even when there are others still in the office or if you are the last one here 4 pm or later.

  2. Signage. Guest must obtain prior written approval from the Host for any signage. Guest shall pay costs for permits, installation, and costs associated with any changes in signs.

  3. Window dressings. Except when given prior written approval by the Host, Guest shall refrain from installing draperies shutters, blinds, screens, or other window dressing, either on interior walls, exterior windows, or doors facing public corridors.

  4. Supervision of contractors. In receiving any professional cleaning, repair, or installation services on the Property, Guest shall refer all providers to the Host for the Host’s supervision prior to performance of any service.

  5. Loss of property. The Host shall not be held responsible for lost or stolen property, equipment, money, or jewelry from the Property.

  6. Animals. Guest shall not, for any reason, store animals on the Property.

  7. Pets. NWA Workplaces is a dog-friendly place, but we ask that you leave all other animals at home. Please see the complete Dog Rules below.

  8. Fire hazards. Without the Host’s prior consent, Guest shall refrain from storing, installing, or operating any flammable or explosive materials on the Premises. Guest shall refrain from using portable space heaters. Guest shall refrain from smoking in all areas of the Building.

  9. Restrooms. Guest shall use the restrooms and all appliances therein only for their intended purpose. Guest shall refrain from introducing any foreign substances into any of the appliances. Guest shall pay any costs resulting from the violation of this rule.

  10. Installed appliances. Guest shall refrain from installing radio or television antennae, loudspeakers, or any other device on the roof or exterior walls of the Building.Parking. Guest shall refrain from leaving automobiles in the parking lot overnight unless approved by the Host.

  11. Parking. Guest shall refrain from leaving automobiles in the parking lot overnight unless approved by the Host.

Dog Rules

We love dogs, but we want to make sure all members have a great experience here whether they’re dog lovers or not. Private office members are permitted to have dogs but are required to adhere to the following policies:

  1. The dog must get along with all other dogs and humans alike.

  2. The dog must be clean and potty trained.

  3. No barking in the office.

  4. Dogs can’t be left in the space unattended.

  5. Members are required to clean up after their dog – If the space requires additional cleaning because of the dog, the member will be charged accordingly.

  6. We reserve the right to ask you to leave your dog at home for any reason.

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