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Partner Spotlight: Alliance Virtual Offices

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

instagram post contrasting a Virtual Address with a Post Office box. Interesting that "Address" is misspelled in the graphic.
Courtesy: Alliance Virtual Offices

You may or may not know, NWA Workplaces offers Virtual Office(“VO”) services in the NWA area to both local residents, as well as people and companies not based here. A Virtual Office is a great way to establish your presence in an area without actually being there. This is handy if you do business with a company in a different city - for instance, we have several customers who supply goods and services to Walmart, and using a Virtual Office setup is the first step to having a presence in town.

One of our VO partners is Alliance Virtual Offices. Alliance gives their customers a friction-free way to have mail delivered to our 5th St location in Bentonville, without ever stepping foot in our office. Customers of Alliance still have to complete all the required Postal forms, but they can all be done online, again without a customer ever having to step foot in either of our locations.

Alliance Virtual Offices is a good choice for VO services if you’d like to have your mail forwarded to you on a regular basis - say monthly, or even weekly.

(HEADS UP: A Virtual Office grants you use of our address for your correspondence and website, but NOT for a Google Business page.)

Another graphic from Alliance Virtual Offices. No typos here.
Courtesy: Alliance Virtual Offices

According to Alliance’s website, a Virtual Office lets you “establish your business at a commercially recognized address to achieve long-term stability in your chosen market. It’s a fast, cost-effective way to build trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders.”

They also do a really good job of outlining Vo services, and why they’re useful:

“Behind every Virtual Office is a recognized business center with professional onsite staff, meeting rooms and office facilities. You’ll get a commercial address for your business, mail processing with forwarding options, and easy access to onsite meeting rooms for team meetings, client visits and focused work.”

One last Graphic from Alliance. This one is about why a Business Address is better than your Home Address when setting up an LLC.
Courtesy: Alliance Virtual Offices

If you’re not local to Bentonville, and are seeking Virtual Office services, we invite you to give Alliance a look. Find more, and get pricing on their website. Just scroll to the bottom of the page for a quick video tutorial, and an informative Q&A.


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