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BENTONVILLE! Allow us to (Re)Introduce Ourselves

Hello, there, Bentonville! We’re NWA Workplaces, an established co-working business serving the NWA area since 2015. If you’re not familiar with us, let us introduce ourselves. We offer right-priced, shared office space, meeting rooms, and Virtual Office services right in the heart of downtown Bentonville, as well as in North Bentonville, just off the interstate (generally considered to be Bella Vista, even though it isn’t).  Our spaces are comfortable, convenient and just the right size for individuals or teams looking for a permanent professional landing spot, an off-site meeting, or just a place to work for a day or two. 

Our location on 5th St offers you quick access to the Greenway, the new Walmart campus, restaurants like Meteor and Table on 6th, coffee from Airship, everything 8th St Market has to offer, like Bike Rack Brewing, and even The Momentary with their Tower Bar, art installations, and Onyx coffee. All this is within easy walking distance. 

This location offers two meeting rooms, with the larger suitable for groups up to 12, and the smaller good for 4-5. Offices here are geared more towards teams rather than individuals, though, having only one smaller room that is currently home to a remote CEO.  

The larger meeting room also features a Samsung monitor, plus a webcam. Both are accessible via HDMI.

Our Frontage Rd location is also right on the Greenway, and convenient to everything, with I-49 visible and just moments away.This location features the more traditional coworking features like hot desks, cubicles, open desks and phone pods. There are also 7 individual offices, 4 team offices, and one space called “The Hut”, which is a 10x10’ office set off to itself at the back of the building. Accessible via biometric lock, this hideout boasts tons of natural light, its own mini-split heat and air unit, ample space for 1-3, and easy access to the outdoors without having to enter the main building.

Conference rooms here are perfect for large or small gatherings, with the main room seating 12, with room for 5 or so more along the perimeter. The small room has seating for 5. Both feature a large-screen Samsung monitor and tempered-glass dry-erase board. 

Frontage Rd also has one locking Day Office available hourly, daily, or weekly. Longer engagements qualify for discounts, so be sure to book these with us instead of online to make sure you get your discount. 

As of this writing, both locations are at full occupancy, with only one office available at each. (Frontage does have two available cubicles, as well)

All spaces come fully furnished. Additional desks and chairs are always available, or we can take ours away and you can bring your own. Both locations have kitchens. Frontage Rd is

connected to The Bend NWA, a trailside bar and food truck open 4-9, 7 days a week, and earlier on Fri-Sat-Sun. 

If you have questions not mentioned above, don't hesitate to use the button below to contact

us. We’d love to come up with a bespoke plan to get you into the perfect office space for you. 


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