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Flex Space vs. a Traditional Office

So you've decided you need an office? Great! You've come to the right place.

A bank of cubicles facing a wall of windows, with plants and Christmas decor.
Dedicated Cubicles at our Frontage Road offices.

NWA Workplaces offers individual offices, team offices, small offices, dedicated open desk seating, dedicated cubicles, and budget coworking solutions that can all be customized to suit your specific needs.

But, you may ask, why should I choose flex-space over a traditional office lease.


Let’s outline the advantages of flex-space over the traditional office lease.

  1. Cost - Obviously, cost is the first major difference, and for a lot of companies, it’s the leading reason to choose flex space over setting up an office from scratch. It’s easy to overlook the cost savings, however, when you compare the monthly cost for a flex office to monthly rent. Those numbers are often the same. However, with a traditional office, you are responsible for setting up your own utilities, internet service, cleaning, office machines, security, and incidentals like paper, coffee, kitchen and bathroom supplies, and furniture. Some places even charge for parking or bike storage. Yikes! These costs can easily double the amount you pay each month. With flex-space, generally all of this is included. Also, have you ever got your deposit back, from any rental, ever?

  1. Flex Space is Plug-and-Play - There’s nothing better than walking into your office, opening the laptop, and getting right to work - on the very first day! Everything you need to get right down to business is already here. Coffee, WiFi, desk and chair, printer, it is all ready and waiting for you to just show up.

  1. Never Pay for More Space Than You Need - If your company is just you, why rent a suite meant for more? More space just costs more.

  1. The Perks Add Up! - We include coffee, tea, filtered water, ample, dedicated parking, and indoor bike storage. Plus we’re right on the Razorback Greenway, so you can drive or ride to work, any time!

Ready to reserve your personal office space yet? Click the button to connect with us ASAP!


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