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How Co Working Meets the Needs of a Changing Business Landscape

If you recently transitioned to a hybrid work schedule, or even shifted entirely to WFH, you know firsthand, work now is a heck of a lot different in a lot of ways than it was in December of 2019.

  • While there have always been digital nomads and independent contractors who loved working in the coffee shop, these ideas weren’t mainstream until very, very recently.

  • Small to mid-size companies have learned that productivity isn’t tied to a location, and it certainly isn’t dependent on having hundreds of employees being in the same place at the same time for the same duration.

  • Many types of jobs can be done remotely, away from a central office. These same companies have also learned that remote work allows them to have a presence in more places at once, thus expanding their footprint and making their products or services available to more people, putting them on a more equal footing with their larger competitors.

According to this article from yourstory,

companies are opting for limited spaces

across multiple locations:

In the post-pandemic world, businesses are following

the approach of ‘one floor in ten cities versus ten floors in one’.

As the number of employees working from the office has reduced,

it doesn’t make sense to dedicate a large office area for work.

Instead, businesses with employees across multiple cities

prefer working with limited coworking spaces in multiple cities.

This provides employees who are willing to work from an office

the opportunity to work on-premise without the company spending a

fortune to build multiple offices.

As modern coworking spaces offer flexible accommodation,

there is always scope for making necessary adjustments.”

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Co-working offices allow companies of all sizes the flexibility to expand geographically without the commitment of traditional real estate. While co-working is more popular in large metropolitan areas, smaller cities are getting in on the action, too. Without the need to set up utilities or internet service, source and purchase furniture, and fully staff an office, more money and resources are freed to focus on the actual business, rather than maintaining a physical location.

And more often than not, the coffee is always free!

If you’d like help setting up your remote, satellite, or initial office, reach out to us at, or call (479) 715-0394.


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