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How To Decorate Your Co-working Space

Let’s face it: cubicles are boring. Even the most modern, state-of-the-art ones are blah until you personalize them. But how do you make your space yours without damaging the materials, or going so far overboard that you don’t have any space to actually work? Following are some ideas that go beyond the usual family photos and goofy coffee mug, to get you started on the path to having the personalized workspace of your dreams.

Decorate with your favorite colors

Anymore, it seems like all the standard desk items come in sets. Staplers, scissors and tape dispensers come in a variety of materials, decorated with patterns, solids, or shiny metal finishes. Pick a matched set in a pattern that catches your eye, get everything in a solid shade, or buy items in coordinating, complimentary colors. If none of this sounds good, or you want something more economical, use Washi tape to re-style your existing pieces. Washi tape is easy to remove, lending itself to the metal and other solid surfaces that abound in most cubicles. Outline the trim of the walls and around the surface edges for a fancy, pulled-together look.


Plants are a great way to bring life to a lifeless space. Ferns, “snake plants”, and ivies all thrive in low-light environments. Repot into containers that match your chosen colors, or continue to economize and bust out the Washi tape again, to decorate the plastic containers they came in. Just remember to put your plants on saucers or small plates to catch any leaks that inevitably happen when you water them.

  • Lighting

Nothing says “home” like a lamp. Here you can either stick to your color theme, or make this item stand out. Use a low-wattage bulb to reduce eye strain. Not into lamps? Unpack a strand or two of some clear Christmas lights and string them across the top of your desk, and even below for an ethereal, lit-from-within look.

  • Trophies

Are you athletic? Run marathons? Win a bike race or a bake-off? Bring that trophy in and show it off!

  • Hobbies

Do you knit? Drape a scarf across the top of your cubicle. Cross-stitch? Hang it on an interior wall. Throw pottery? Make containers for your plants, with matching pencil cup and paperclip tray.

Once you start to see your cubicle as an extension of your style, there’s no end to what you can do to make the space your own. Remember, a happy workspace is a joy to inhabit, which in turn will only enhance your creativity, and productivity, at work.


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