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How to Find a Good Work From Home Job

Since early 2020, when the COVID Pandemic sent office workers home, the concept of work from home has been mainstream. Remote workers and digital nomads have always been with us, but the rapid advancements in technology that accompanied the lockdowns made it possible for nearly anyone who worked in an office and had a laptop to work from home.

As the pandemic eased, and people wanted to get out and be around others again, co-working and flex-space dominated the zeitgeist. In the past year or so, employees have begun to push back -hard- on the return-to-office mandates, to the point that many are quitting their jobs and looking for fully-remote new ones. In this post, we will explore legitimate places to look for fully remote jobs, and show you how to find a good work from home job.

It’s too easy to get taken advantage of when looking for a remote job. Anyone who asks for money, your social security number, banking info, requires you to pay for their training program, or insists you buy new computer equipment from them definitely requires some skepticism. Unfortunately, even the legitimate job sites will sometimes have some bad actors, but the good news is, if you keep your wits about you and use some good old common sense, you have every chance in the world of scoring a legit remote job.

If you’ve ever looked at an online website for a local job, you are already familiar with the major players. These same sites also list remote openings. When beginning your search, some jobs to look for include Virtual Assistant, UX Designer, Web Developer, Customer Service Representative, Project Manager, Claims Representative, and Data Entry Specialist. Even if you aren’t looking for these job titles, search these, and notice the ones that are with large corporations you are familiar with. This will give you a good idea of what a legitimate job listing looks like. Once you have a feel for what a quality job post looks like, you’re ready to start searching jobs that align with your goals, skills, and expertise.

Some good places to start looking include -

Monster dot com logo

Linked IN logo

remote dot co logo

Once you find a job opening you like, the application process should be pretty straightforward. Some sites will upload your resume with just a few clicks. Others will direct you to an external link. Again, most of the time, the links and companies on these sites are completely legit, but if something seems "off", trust your gut.

The good news is, remote and work from jobs aren't going away. There will always be jobs that are not suitable for off-site execution, but a good many office jobs can be done from anywhere at any time. The hardest part is finding your first one.

If you're one of the lucky ones, and you already have a remote job, we have office set-ups for you,

if you'd like to work out of your house, or you're traveling and need stable wifi and free coffee.

Click the button to get started.


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