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Our Members' Favorite Local Restaurants

This week, our blog takes  a break from talking about the Space to talk about the Members. Specifically, our Members' favorite local restaurants. This information was gathered as unscientifically as possible, usually by ambushing them as they were walking with purpose towards the exit ;)

We feel like asking “Hey, we’re doing a blog. What’s your favorite restaurant?” without warning was the best way to get an honest answer. In fact this seems like good life advice to us: if you want someone’s honest opinion, don’t give them time to overthink it.

Interestingly, there were no duplicates; everyone came up with something different, no crafty edits or sneaky suggestions needed on our part.

So without further ado, here are some of our members’ favorite local restaurants:

A photo fo butter chicken with rice on a white plate
Butter Chicken. Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Adly Thebaud, Private Office Member and remote Software Engineer, has two - 


  1. Pedaler’s Pub, Alpe Pizza, which, according to their menu is thinly sliced ribeye steak, spinach, feta cheese, onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and chopped basil on an olive oil and roasted garlic base

  2. He also likes the Cheesy Bread with Ranch

Two bowls of Ramen with eggs on a bamboo mat
Photo by Julia Solonina on Unsplash

Jeff Snow, Private Office Member and owner of J-Ark Building has several favorites: 

  1. For lunch, he likes Co-op Ramen. “Because it’s ramen season in my opinion. It’s hard to dive into ramen in July”.  

  1. For date night, he and his wife like to keep it local. Their favorites are Preacher’s Son 

Griffin Laib, also of J-Ark: Griffin didn’t hesitate. We barely had our question out before he blurted “LOCAL LIME! They have some of the best salsas in town.” 

Kevin Bathke

Virtual Office Member Kevin Bathke, of Good Faith Solar, lists Pho 85 Noodle House in Bentonville as his favorite restaurant, and suggests you try the Banh Mi sandwich. He says you can thank him later. 

Josh Bohling of’s Bentonville team said, without stopping on the way out the door, "Oven and Tap". 

A bowl of fish soup
Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

Jon Jordan, Private Office Member, of Ethical Sourcing Network likes the Mussel and Shrimp Bouillabaisse from Conifer

Josh Jordan, also of ESN, is fond of Saiwok’s Banh Mi Pho Au Jus Sandwich

And Private Office Member Rachel Fox of NWA Girl Gang has a whole slew of favorites, including Roll & Fold @ 8th St Market , for the Noodle Bowls & Appetizers, and added, "And ArkanseoulBecause I crave fermented foods like kimchi in the winter too. Mostly lots of Asian food in the winter, then I slowly move to Indian food. By spring I want Greek and Mediterranean. It's a whole thing."

We completely agree, Rachel.

We've included links to all the restaurants mentioned, as well as the Linked In profile and/or the company each Member represents. We hope this gives you some insight into the people and companies that call NWA Workplaces home, and a glimpse into the diverse food choices available in Bentonville - no matter whether you like a basic burgers or an indulgent bouillabaisse.

Our blog has tons of other helpful articles on topics of interest to remote workers, entrepreneurs, cyclists, nonprofit leaders, and anyone just curious about Bentonville and the surronding area. Please read through them, and feel free to link and share anything you think might be helpful or interesting to a friend or colleague.

As ever, if you need help with a business address, virtual office, a coworking setup, affordable private officing solutions, or just a free cup of coffee, use the contact button below.


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