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Peace, Privacy, Productivity

Meet our Individual offices at Frontage Rd and 5th St


There comes a point in every remote worker’s life when #WFH loses its shine, and they go in search of the “3 P”: Peace, Privacy, Productivity.

Maybe the peace has been shattered by summer break.

Privacy is breached by a home-based spouse.

Or the proximity of household chores eclipses productivity. 

Whichever it is, our small spaces offer you the room you need to concentrate in a distraction-free environment. 

Whether you need this for a day, a week, or longer. (PRO TIP: The longer the commitment, the bigger the discount. You’re welcome.)


A look inside a small office with a desk, window, and chair, on a background of evergreen trees
Individual Ofice on Frontage Rd

Our Individual Office at Frontage Rd is perfect for out-of-towners who need to get away from the group back at the airbnb or hotel, or remote folks who find home is not conducive to the kind of daily accomplishments they need to make.

An excutive office featuring a desk and return with a side table, some wall are, a desk lamp, and a pretty decent looking fake plant
SMall Meeting Room at 5th St

At 5th St, our Small Meeting Room is great for one-on-ones, small team brainstorming sessions, or individuals who want room to spread out, use the dry-erase board, and pop out for a head-clearing walk during the day. 

Both offices are right on the Razorback Greenway, offering you immediate access to Bentonville’s world renowned trails, museums, restaurants, and outdoor spaces. 

Use the button below for a bespoke plan that gets you out of home-office limbo and into an environment that encourages you to do your best work. 




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