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Saving Money with Coworking and Virtual Offices

Photo of a coworking space with open seating, a hot desk, phone pods and a conference room visible
A peek inside NWA Workplaces Bella Vista. Copyright 2024 Cynthia M

If you’ve recently started a business, you’ve no doubt had to make some big decisions. Decisions that could cost you money before your company even makes a single dime. One of those is about office space. Commercial Real Estate has undergone profound changes since the Pandemic threw in-person work into turmoil. Many offices closed shop completely; others downsized. Still others remodeled their existing space to accommodate fewer workers, and offer fewer perks to those that remained. 

No matter which camp you’re in, your work setup could benefit from flex-space or coworking solutions. It’s time to look into saving money with coworking and virtual offices. With this model, there are no long-term leases, no massive cash outlay up-front, and you can bail with minimal hassle and financial penalty. A traditional office can cost several thousand dollars just to get going. With coworking or a virtual office, often you can get going for as little as $99. 

A virtual office is a setup whereby you do not have a physical office, but rather a real street address in a coworking space. This is helpful when you are in the early stages of starting your business and want to keep your home address off your professional stuff and out of the public eye. They will accept your mail for you, hold it for you to collect in person, or you can arrange forwarding or even immediate scanning of incoming mail. Often, you’ll have access to meeting and coworking space at a discounted rate. You can use this address on your correspondence, business cards, emails, and your website. You likely can NOT use it for a Google listing, however, as Google requires someone from the company be on site during the stated open hours, but for the most part, virtual offices are used by small businesses who do little to no public-facing work.

If you need a place to work as well as an address, flex space is the way to go if you don’t need much space and are averse to signing a long-term agreement. You can get started with a small deposit, first month’s fees and maybe a required set-up fee. Flex-space is usually plug-and-play. All you do is come in, sit down, log on, and get to work. Spaces are usually furnished with new and - sometimes fun - items, and there are perks you wouldn’t get in your own space -unless

YOU provided them. Things like coffee, snacks, parking, printing, and built-in friends who work in diverse fields but are likely in the same boat as you when it comes to work space and employment. In fact, some of the best friendships, and best ideas ever hatched happened in a coworking place. 

If you’re needing a place to work without making a large commitment or cash layout, or you’d like to use an address other than yours on your business correspondence, bank account and business license, look into coworking and virtual offices. We can help with both, and likely for far less than you expect. Click the button below to get started. 


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