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The Era of WFH is Dead

According to this article from the Wall Street Journal, WFH is dead.

In 2022, things were nearly back to normal in terms of workers being in the office. The percentage of companies who said they had no remote workers was roughly 75% in February 2020, and was near the same number again in March 2023.

Of course, there have always been remote workers among us, and there always will be. Technology has made it far easier to do many kinds of work from afar, and there will forever be companies for whom having an office is an expense they refuse to undertake.

Additionally, some industries lend themselves easier to remote work.

According to the US Labor Department, in Autumn 2022, nearly 70% of the IT industry had some or all employees working remotely. At the bottom of the list is hospitality and service, with 5% working remote. Nearly 15% of the retail industry is still able to work remotely, and the nebulously named Professional and Business Services industry saw roughly half their ranks still not reporting to an office.

Some more stats for the data nerds:

  • 11.1% of all establishments are fully remote

  • In February 2023, 27.7% of all days worked were from home

Most larger companies have asked employees to return to the office, if not full time, then at least 3-4 days a week. Reasons include the belief that it’s easier to build trust in person, as well as the oft-cited training, mentoring, relationships, and collaboration work better when conducted face-to-face.

The entire study is available here

If this article has made you want to get your remote team together either all the time, or even just for a few work days, we have solutions for both. Click the button below.


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