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Top 7 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts in Bentonville for Local Insights and Inspiration


Why only 7 and not 10?

PHoto fo the instragram logo on an old iPhone screen
Kenny Eliason, UNSPLASH

Because there's so much going on we had to put our phone down and get out there!

If you've been in Bentonville for long, you know that there is always something new happening in town that is sure to catch your attention, so much so in fact, that it's easy to fall behind when it comes to events. Whether it's a new restaurant opening up, new hotels coming online, trail upgrades happening, or new city programs being offered, it's more fun to know about it ahead of time, instead of seeing your friends post about it after the fact. Hence, our brand new list of the top 7 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts in Bentonville for local insights and inspiration.

First up is Trailblazers. For the uninitiated, Trailblazers is the nonprofit cycling-focused org tasked with managing all the bike trails in town. They hire the trailbuilders, connect with businesses and nonprofits to plan events like BikeFest and the Square to Square ride, and on their Insta, they keep individuals informed of closures, construction, and all things outdoors.

Startup Junkie logo, yellow and white on a blue background
Starup Junkie logo.

Is business and entrepreneurship more your thing? Get to know Startup Junkie!

They offer one-on-one consulting for idea-stage or growing businesses, connections and contacts you need to get your business off the ground, funding help, and access to mentors and interns to help with the day to day things of starting a business, all for FREE. Plus they host huge events like the Startup Crawl on the Fayetteville square each autumn, which is like a cross between a pub crawl, business fair, and music festival, and networking events like 1Million Cups, every Wednesday at 8 in the Community Kitchen at the Collaborative on 5th St in Bentonville.

Need to know what's up in Bentonville, be it art fairs, markets, parades, or community events. Downtown Bentonville keeps you in the know. And they even have their own TV show!

Do you live, work, or play in Rogers or Bella Vista? You'll definitely want to add their feed to your follow.

Pedal It Forward logo, gold on a blackish-blue background
Pedal It Forward.

Want to be involved with a group that gets bikes in the hands of anyone who needs one? Pedal it Forward has outposts in far north Bentonville, Rogers, and soon, Springdale. This group runs like a well-oiled machine. You can volunteer in person to fix bikes, trasnport bikes, or help deliver bikes. You can also donate bikes, parts, apparel, and should you wish, cold, hard cash.

Razorback Greenway logo, black and green on a white background
Razorback Greenway logo.

Lastly, if you want Razorback Greenway-specific updates, as this lifeline that connects Bella Vista to the UofA Campus is currently under construction in some spots, add their account before you head out on your next paved-trail ride.


Did we leave your favorite off the list? Let us know by clicking the button below! We'd love to know how you keep up to date with the latest in NWA.


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