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Why Co-Working is Better Than the Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are great! Who doesn’t love a professionally made latte, your name comically misspelled on the cup, made complete with foam hearts on top. You place your order, then make small talk about the weather with the other customers until they call your beverage, at which point you retreat to a cozy corner to answer email, do some shopping, and catch up on the latest Tik Toks.

After a while, you notice it’s getting louder. The last few gulps of your coffee are cold. The

espresso machines are letting off steam almost constantly now. The moms group has rolled in for their daily meetup with a gaggle of screeching toddlers in tow. Plus, you still have four emails to answer, and you’ve had to turn on the captions to know what your favorite influencer is saying about that New Thing you wanted to try. Going home isn’t an option, because reasons. What do you do?

In the early days, internet cafes were just about the only places, outside of huge corporations or academia, that you could go for connectivity and access to the new digital world. Coffee shops stepped in and added free internet, as did places like Panera and even McDonalds. But do you really want to do your “real” work there? Of course not. So below, we’ve outlined a few ways co-working is better than the coffee shop.

1. Less noise and fewer distractions

What starts out as a quiet and peaceful place gets progressively louder as the day gets older. Our co-working area is tranquil and smaller than most open working spots, so you can focus for longer and get more done.

2. You can leave your stuff when you go to the bathroom, or step out for fresh air

Try that at the coffee shop and see what’s left when you get back.

3. Having a dedicated space to work improves productivity

Having a place to call home for work stuff naturally makes you more productive.

4. Unlimited free coffee, tea and cocoa

Stay all day and never have to buy a cup of coffee again. Or tea. Or hot cocoa. BONUS: Our snacks are only a dollar. A DOLLAR!!!

5. Easy access to the greenway

Ride your bike to work, go for a walk at lunch, hit the trails at 5. Or, do all three!

6. On-site bar/restaurant

Happy hour is right outside your door. So is a tasty lunch or snack, no car required, and no surly delivery driver to deal with.

7. Tons of free parking close to the door

NGL, we’ve heard the rumors about parking in Bentonville. It can double the cost of your workspace in some cases. Ouch!

So as you can see, there are many reasons to work at NWA Workplaces on Frontage Road, as opposed to a coffee or sandwich shop. Schedule a visit today and see for yourself. Coffee shops are awesome and all, but sometimes, you need a place to work away from the hustle and bustle.


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