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3 Ways Coworking Helps Build Your Business

So you’ve done it, or are about to do it, or maybe you’re just starting to think about doing it.

Two hands touching across a row of cubicles in an office
Toa Heftiba @ Unsplash

Whichever it is, it’s likely you’ve heard that coworking is a great way to grow your business. And it is, for so many reasons. Whether you’re tired of the constant hum of the coffee shop, the monotony of working from home, or the scattered nature of shuffling between the two, coworking has so many positives that once you’re in it, you’ll wonder what took you so long.

So how can coworking help grow your business?

Coworking desk with mug and Christmas Decorations
Open Desk Seating at NWA Workplaces. Bella Vista

For starters, you’ll have a place to actually Do Work. After the #WFH revolution, and the rise of the Digital Nomad, it became easy to justify working from anywhere. And while the ability to stay connected no matter where you are is good, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There’s definitely something to be said for creating the right environment so you can focus and #GSD.

Number two: You can draw a line between work and home. In the beginning, it’s easy to be eager, but as time goes on, distractions, or the urge to slack become un-ignorable. Laundry, the slow-cooker, the litter box, the mailbox…they all seduce you with their siren song and pull you away from what you really need to be doing. But in your coworking space, there’s none of these to draw your attention, plus it’s easy to come in at a specific time, and when it’s time to go, you just leave. No more sitting around in your jammies all day wonde ring where the time went, or working well past bedtime because you spent your working hours doing something else.

Obedient Labrodoodle with her hooman at work outside a cubicle
NWA Workplaces is Dog Friendly!

The third way coworking helps build your business lies in the proximity to other people. No matter your field or area of expertise, at some point in your coworking journey, you will either come across someone who needs what you offer, has a friend who does, or knows something or someone you don’t, but wish you did. In other words, you luck into business opportunities without even trying, just by being close to others.

If you’re ready to explore coworking and shared space options in Bentonville, NWA Workplaces has two locations with team offices, individual offices, meeting rooms, and open, dedicated spaces to get you out of the coffee shop or off the kitchen table, and into the right frame of mind to move things forward in both your business, and in your life outside of business. Get in touch and let us create a plan just for you.



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