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Curious About Coworking?

Curious About Coworking? Then you’re in the right place! Today we’re exploring some of the most-asked questions about coworking. Read on to get a better understanding of how coworking fits into your professional life, what you can expect, and who you’ll share space with.

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What’s the noise level like?  To be honest, the noise level in a coworking space is not much louder than a regular office. Sure, there are some conversations happening out in the open (“co” does mean alongside, after all), and some members may be on calls, but mostly it’ll be quiet enough to focus, with just enough buzz to remind you that there are other people around. For reference, think somewhere between coffee shop and library - albeit without the overhead music. At NWA Workplaces, we find there’s predictable activity in the kitchen at the coffee maker between 8-9, and again around noon. To date, we’ve not had complaints about noise in the common areas, and all of our open area desks are occupied by full-time Members.

How “flexible” is the flex-space? It’s called flex-space for a reason. Most places let you enter a month-to-month agreement, which allows you to leave at any time without penalty, though you likely will not get the rest of your unused month refunded. You can also sign a long-term agreement, usually 6 mos or a year, for a discounted rate. Be sure to read the fine print on this one, and maybe ask point blank what happens if you break your agreement. At NWA Workplaces, we offer month-to-month agreements, and long term ones. As described above, M2M lets you leave at any time. To a degree, long term does, too, although you will be responsible for ½ of your monthly membership fees until either your term expires, or someone new moves in to your spot. 

What is the community like? This is a huge consideration, as this is where you have willingly chosen to spend your days, and you want to make sure the culture fit works, or at the very least is tolerable. Some places are decidedly hipster, others more laid back. NWA Workplaces culture skews more traditional. We’re not the hipster haven some other places in town are. Our members are mostly established remote tech workers or small business owners. We don’t plan happening events, no goat yoga, and no sushi buffets. But our members quickly become friends and have kept in touch with each other even after moving on and up from our spaces. 


If these questions have allayed your fears and you’re ready to look into coworking, give us a shout! Use the contact form to book your own tour, or to ask your own questions and get a personal answer. 



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