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Flex Space for Teams

You may think flex-space or coworking is just for solo remote tech workers or hipster startups, but that is only a tiny fraction of the story.

Window lettering reflecting on a desk in an office lobby
The lobby at our Frontage Rd location, north Bentonville/Bella Vista

About two-thirds of our membership at NWA Workplaces are teams of 2+. Some are small companies, and some are remote teams attached to large corporations. All benefit from the vast array of perks that arise from sharing space with people of diverse professional backgrounds.

And that’s before we start talking about the money saved on rent, utilities, internet, cleaning, coffee, parking, and snacks.

One of the first considerations someone makes when starting a company is finding a place to work. A successful company will soon outgrow the kitchen table or the coffee shop, and sometimes, teams need to be together to make the magic happen. So what is a small but growing company to do when the tens of thousands of dollars needed to rent space and set up phone, electricity and wifi could negatively affect the bottom line?

The answer is finding flex space for teams.

An empty office ready to be decorated.
Our medium team office is a blank canvas. Feel free to make it your own!

Many coworking spaces offer Team Offices for groups of 2+ to set up shop with minimum effort and investment, freeing valuable and needed resources for other things, like actually operating their business.

A Coworking office in Bella Vista
Team office of G4 Real Estate, Bella Vista

At NWA Workplaces, we have several options suited to small and medium sized teams. Most of our offices are just right for 2-3 people, and several of our spaces can comfortably accommodate 4-8 team members. These offices are dedicated space, meaning you are the only ones using the office for the term of your agreement. Your desk is your desk. Your computers, printers, and personal items stay put, and you can even hang stuff on the walls. All for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office lease. How cool is that?

And if you’re not ready to commit to a dedicated space for your team, our conference rooms are the perfect size for 2-12 people to come together every so often to talk, collaborate, or just work together in silence for a day.

Desks arranged in a team office, cleverly arranged to accommodate a team of .
Our large team office at Frontage Rd, north Bentonville/Bella Vista (currently occupied)

No matter the size of your company, we have space for you, whether for a day, a week, a month, or longer. Get in touch with us and we can custom craft a plan to help you do your best work ever, without wasting your time or money and stuff you don’t need.



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