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FREE Resources for Business and Individual Success in Bentonville

Looking for help launching a business or a new career? Or do you already have a business and want some pro tips for taking things to the next level? We’re fortunate here in Bentonville, and indeed all of NWA, to have so many FREE resources led by people who have experienced major business success and are now in a place to be able to give back. No one succeeds in a vacuum, so open your phone or laptop and connect to the help you need by accessing these free resources for businesses and individual success in Bentonville.


First up is Startup Junkie. From the website:

 Startup Junkie “serves entrepreneurs, startups, and growth-oriented, for-profit small businesses. Through one-on-one consulting, we will be there with you through whatever stage of your entrepreneurial journey – from idea creation and validation, to pivoting, scaling, and exiting.

Founded to meet a need in what would become a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, Startup Junkie has served clients across the region, state, and globe for over 15 years.

Startup Junkie’s services are offered at no cost to startups and small businesses in Northwest Arkansas. The organization has worked with thousands of businesses and reached an audience of thousands through consulting, events, and digital media, and offers an arsenal of resources for any who seek them.”

Visit their website here, or stop by in person at 1 East Center Street, Fayetteville. All services are FREE. 


If you're looking to take some classes to give you an edge in your current line of

business, or to expand your horizons in areas you may not have thought about, consider RazorLearn.

Classes are typically 90 minutes in length, and take place at the University of Arkansas Global Campus in Bentonville, next door to our downtown location. They’re at 704 SE 5th St. All classes are free and open to the public. There are no prerequisites. Sign up online here, or read more about the topics offered in 2024. All classes are FREE.


Lastly, to take an entirely different direction, if you find yourself without a degree and not progressing as you had hoped professionally, look into Upskill NWA’s programs. Upskill “connects participants to career opportunities in the healthcare field and takes care of things like tuition, books, fees, licensing exam costs, and other historical barriers. Upskill NWA participants are partnered with a Career Navigator who is with you every step of the way to ensure your success”. 

Upskill’s help is entirely free. Not only do they pay ALL school-related expenses, but they have been known to help students with transportation costs, child care, required supplies, and other expenses that can keep a student from thriving.  There are some requirements that must be met for participation - mainly that they do not take students with Bachelor’s degrees, and there are maximum income requirements. Once those requirements are met, this program is FREE. Their website is here, and has tons more information. 


If these programs sound interesting and you’d like more details, our team is personally acquainted with the folks involved in all three! Reach out and we can arrange an introduction, or answer some basic questions. Just click below and fill out the form.  


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