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Get To Know our Small Meeting Room at 5th St

Meeting room with a large desk, side table, and office chair
High level view of our Small Meeting Room

A clean, quiet, fun place to meet clients isn’t a “nice-to-have”, it’s a must have. But what if you don’t have an office - and furthermore, what if you don’t want one? If that’s you, we have a space you need to know about.

Office with flowers and tissues on a side table. A photo of old Bentonvile is on the wall above it.
Homey touches give this space a welcoming vibe.

In today’s post, let’s get to know our Small Meeting Room at 5th St! With tons of space to work, plus seating for two guests (more available on request), you can come in early, get some work done, welcome clients or coworkers, walk to Airship or Table on 6th for lunch, and maybe wrap up some more loose ends before we kick you out at 5 and lock the doors.

Hallway with office doors closed.
The main hallway at 5th St. This office is on the bottom right.

This space is bookable on our website for our members and registered non-members alike. You can also call and book over the phone, or via email. Or, if you anticipate needing more than one or two bookings a month, let us set-up an online punch card, that way you get a sweet discount, and access to immediate bookings (subject to availability) anytime you need it.

Photo of a desk with a desk lamp and abstract art on the wall above it
A desk lamp and textured artwork adds warmth to this office

We’re available for tours at 5th St most afternoons. Reach out today to make your appointment.

Rates for this spot range from $25 for an hour to $76 for the day.

As with all our spaces, coffee, tea, snacks, parking, bike storage and a place to charge your ebike are all included FREE for members, nonmembers, and their guests.

Click below to fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back in touch with you.



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