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How to Thrive in a Flex Space World

If you’re new to flex space or “co-working”, this post is for you. Flex space has really taken off as a way for folks to work remotely, or to get a new business off the ground with minimal commitment and investment in office space. Below, read about how to thrive in a flex space world.


Trendy office with black and white decor, and a funky chair with a fluffy pillow
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Remote work is a thing, but not all remote workers want to work from home. Flex-space or coworking is just the thing to get them out of the house, and into a productive frame of mind. Sometimes, a company will pay for a remote worker to have a separate workspace out of their home. Other times, it’s a tax-deductible expense the employee willingly takes on. Less frequently, an employee will fully foot the expense themselves, because they like the thought of separating work life and private life. All of these are valid ways to launch into a flex-space arrangement.


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Small businesses, on the other hand, are looking for a place to get a professional foothold, meet clients, and receive mail that isn’t sharing space with their residential mailbox, all without taking on massive debt either through purchasing real estate, or obligating themselves to a long-term lease that may not meet their needs just a few months down the road.

Either way, flex space is a fabulous way to conduct your professional life. But before you dive in head first, ask yourself some questions first:

  1. What kind of space do you need?

Don’t mind working out in the open with others milling around? This is called Open Seating. Open seating is great for extraverted types who are energized by crowds, people, and noise.

Like something more private? Look for a Cubicle or Private Office. For some, open space has come to be the bane of their existence, hence most flex space operators also offer private solutions.

2. How often will you use the space?

Will you come in daily? Then you want Dedicated Space. One advantage of dedicated space is the ability to leave your computer, supplies, and other office-y stuff at the office. Additionally,

This setup gives you the ability to get mail at your office, or use this address on your Google listing. And if you commute by bike or public transport, the ability to leave other personal items like a change of clothes, makeup, and toiletries without having to lug them on your back is an added bonus.

If you only want to come in occasionally, choose a Hot Desk option, or a Day Pass. If you’d like something with more privacy, look for a Day Office.

Graphic featuring small workspaces in a co-working/flexspace facility
Take a peek inside our private offices, open spaces, drop-in space, and dedicated cubicles!

3. What is your budget?

Open desks are less costly, while private offices command premium prices. Be sure to shop around, as not all flex space pricing is uniform across the industry, or even in one city or town.

4. How long you want to be committed to the space?

Most centers will offer a discount if you sign a 12 month agreement. This is usually 10% off the month-to-month rate, but can be as much as 15-25% off. The penalty for breaking your agreement is usually less prohibitive than breaking a traditional lease, but can be substantial nonetheless, and will definitely be more than the 10% you saved by signing the agreement.. Choose to go m2m if you aren’t 100% certain you can commit to the year.

Final thoughts: How to Thrive in a flex space world

These are just a few of the considerations you should entertain when thinking about office space. If you have any questions not answered here, reach out to us at any time. We are reachable by phone during business hours to help you find the best work setup for you and your business, and show you how to thrive in a flex space world. Just call us at (479) 715-0394, or fill out the form below for a less direct way to get in touch.



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