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It’s Time to Find a Co-Working Space

Woman working at an office desk, but it's in a field.
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Perhaps one of the earliest business decisions you will make when starting your company is “Where will I work?” At first, it seems easy. Perhaps you pull the laptop out once everyone else is out of the house, or you swing by the coffee shop after your last carpool stop. But as you grow, and work becomes more intense, the coffee shop isn’t so cute anymore, or a sick day in the family derails your momentum, and you feel like it takes weeks to catch up. This is how you know, it's time to find a co-working space.

To say nothing of what to do when you need to schedule a Serious Meeting, and your only options are your house or Starbees.

This is where coworking swoops in to save the day. When it becomes evident that you can neither run a business from home nor in public, but you don’t have an unlimited budget for a fancy office, it’s time to search out shared and flex space options.

Business Executive straightenting his tie
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Flex space has been around in one form or another for decades. In years past, to find a spot, you’d look up “serviced offices” or “Executive Suites” in the Yellow Pages. Today, just Google co working, shared offices, flex space, or even desk-on-demand. All of these are plug-and-play spaces that allow you to move in with a minimum of setup - WiFi and utilities are all part of the package, mail delivery is an option, and there’s usually a kitchen you can use to help further cut expenses and keep you out of the takeout loop. There’s usually no long-term commitment, but there is often an incentive to make one, such as a significant percentage off your monthly membership fees.

One important difference between flex space and traditional office leases is the kind of agreement you enter when you move in. Flex Space is not leased, but rather you are granted a license to use the space. This is a minor difference to most users, but if you were counting on using your lease as a way to obtain other services, this will not be possible with this kind of office. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “space as a service” this is exactly what they were talking about!

When looking for a space, it’s best to start with the least expensive option available, usually an open desk. This will give you a feel for the space, the vibe, the commute…it’s important to be comfortable with these before signing on the dotted line. Once you start to get comfortable and learn more about the space, you can explore the larger offices.

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Lastly, keep in mind that while you’re not necessarily working in public, you will still need to mind your manners and keep the volume down. Many spaces will have phone booths for you to take calls in so you don’t disrupt your co-members. If not, observe your surroundings - if others are on their phones or making ZOOM calls, take that as your cue to do the same.

If you’re looking for a flexible office setup to help you do your best work, we have open desks, cubicles, individual offices, and larger spaces for teams of 2-10. Reach out and schedule your tour today. We’d love the chance to come up with a plan that works for you and your business.



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