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Partner Spotlight: DaVinci Meeting Rooms and Virtual Offices

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Our Partner Spotlight this week is DaVinci Virtual Offices. If you are trying to establish a presence in a city different from your own, it helps to have access to a directory of locations across the globe. DaVinci has agreements with over 5000 locations and can help you establish a business address with just a few steps.


DaVinci offers up-front pricing on their basic packages, has an easy-to-search directory, and lets customers know from the beginning that mail forwarding costs extra - some providers don’t share that with potential customers, and it causes problems down the line, when the mail is piling up, and you weren’t counting on extra expenses.

All Virtual Office setups require a postal form 1583, and DaVinci offers a free one-time notary to help you get one step closer.

DaVinci also offers other Virtual Office adjacent services, like Live or Virtual Receptionist services, Registered Agent services, and incorporation services, to help you get your business started the right way with all government agencies, at both federal and state level.


If you need IRL space, DaVinci’s directory features over 1500 locations offering meeting spaces, coworking, private offices, and in larger US cities, they can find you a place to grab a quick coffee and check email between meetings.

Keep in mind, most states require a physical street address, and not a PO Box, when setting up a new business. DaVinci can help you with the particulars in each state, make sure your mail is received and held securely, and make sure your phone calls are handled promptly and professionally.

DaVinci has two separate websites, one just for Virtual Office services, and another for finding physical office space. Each is easy to read and navigate, and full of useful information.


If you still have questions, or want to deal with someone local, hit us up anytime! We’re always happy to help.


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