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What is a PS Form 1583?

By now, you probably know one of the first things you want to do when starting your LLC is to set up a business address to protect your home address and identity. If you’ve researched PO Boxes or Virtual Mail for this purpose, you’ve likely encountered a Postal Form 1583. Postal Form 1583 is a form that allows a business called a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) to accept, open, and forward mail to you on your behalf. All individuals and businesses who use Virtual Mail, a Virtual Office, set up a Business Address to register their business, or who have a physical mailbox at a CMRA are required to complete this form. For the most part, it’s pretty straightforward, and most people will be able to complete the form in just a few minutes. In this blog, we will go through the various sections of the 1583, and outline the different types of

identification you can use to establish your address.


The CMRA and Applicant section of the PS 1583
The CMRA and Applicant section of the PS 1583
  • First on the PS 1583 form is the name and address of the CMRA that will be handling your mail. The mail center you choose can help you with this part. They will likely issue you a PMB#, or personal mailbox number.

  • Next is your name and address. Use the name that appears on your driver’s license. It is ideal, but not mandatory, if your current address is on both your DL and the secondary ID, however the address on your secondary ID MUST match the address you use on the form. No exceptions. Box 9g on the form requires one of the following be used to verify your address: Government issued identification card, current lease, mortgage or deed of trust, insurance policy, vehicle registration, or voter ID card.


  • If someone else will be collecting your mail, their name and ID are subject to the same requirements as yours. Otherwise, skip th e "Authorized Individual" section.

This is where your business information goes on the PS 1583
This is where your business information goes on the PS 1583
  • You will need to list your business information in section 7 of the PS 1583. To avoid raising any red flags and subjecting your application to further scrutiny, do not leave any section blank.


The ID verification portion of the PS 1583
The ID verification portion of the PS 1583

  • Sections 8&9 are possibly the most important parts of this form. This is where you verify your identity to the satisfaction of the CMRA. Any inconsistencies that cause the mail center to question your identity or the legitimacy of your business will usually arise here. Copies of your ID will be collected, and should law enforcement suspect fraud, they can request any and all forms, ID, and mail associated with the account.


  • Make sure to sign in the correct spot. You are not the witness; that is either a notary who verifies your identity, or an employee of the CMRA. You are the applicant, so you sign and date line 13.

  • There is no fee for the CMRA to verify your identity, however most notaries charge $25 or more to verify your identity. Make sure you include the Notary page with your application.


Your mail center will be happy to assist you in completing the form, however without proper ID, most will not open an address for you. Remember that the CMRA is a business just like yours, and has no interest in being a party to fraud or other illegal activities, so if your application is rejected due to incomplete or incompatible information, do your best to get the information requested so you can start receiving mail as soon as possible.

For help setting up your personal mailbox at our commercial mail receiving agency, have your credit card and ID ready, and click below!



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