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What's With This Crazy Weather?

If you’re new to Northwest Arkansas, you’re probably asking yourself and others, “Is this weather normal?”

The only way to answer is to say “yes” while shaking your head “no”.

Sort of.

Unseasonably warm winters are not unusual here. A few warm January days are not unheard of. At least once a season, you’ll see avid plant lovers bring their beloved ferns and geraniums outside for a good, thorough soaking, and an afternoon of sunshine. Clothing that should have long been stored away makes an appearance. For a brief moment or two, ice cream sounds better than hot chocolate. Even the intrepid insect or two pops out to buzz bomb your ears. And this being Bentonville, cyclists and mountain bikers show up out of nowhere to send it like it’s summer.

Truth be told, our average temperature in Bentonville in January is 47. It’s 52 in February. Our winters are quite bearable, even with actual winter days factored in.

Some other weather facts:

  • Average annual snowfall is just under ten inches.

  • Each year sees an average of 89 rainy days.

  • Bentonville averages 2 tornado events a year.

  • Quite a few temperature records, both high and low have been set in the last 10 years.

All in all, Bentonville has been spared a lot of the weather extremes that make headlines in other parts of the country. Which is not to say we don’t have our own crazy weather. Things can get and have gotten wild. But for the most part, our weather lives up to its historical past and the expectations of each respective season.

If you're looking for a private office to set up a home base for your business, or just need some meeting space or a coworking spot, keep in mind that we have plenty of bike parking, both inside and out, for those warm days when your bike begs to be ridden. Reach out today so you’re all set when the warm days settle in for good!


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