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Who Uses Flex-Space, Anyway?

If you’ve ever heard the words “co-working” or “flex-space” and wondered who uses those types of spaces, this post is for you!


Co-Working has long been popular in the small-business and tech sector, especially with the segment that calls themselves Startups. Startups are known for starting up their businesses with very little money, no offices, and no staff, surrounded by a lot of hype and buzz. Often, that buzz is started in their coworking community - the group of office-free workers and business owners who use a shared space day in, day out, as an alternative to working in the coffee shop or out of the garage. Instead of leasing a large space and taking on the related expense, the founder or key employees set up camp at an open desk in the space, and over the course of days and weeks, becomes acquainted with the other co-working folks, sharing ideas, thoughts, food and friends…almost like a professional hippie commune!

Co-Working is more popular in larger cities, especially along the coasts. It’s slowly making inroads in NWA, but it’s a concept that may have already seen its peak. In response, most co-working spaces have begun gravitating towards offering other services, like flexible private offices, virtual offices, and mailbox services.

At NWA Workplaces, we offer limited coworking desks; our main focus is private offices. We have small individual offices favored by remote web developers, all the way up to team offices for small companies and entire remote teams attached to larger companies. We are home to large international companies, regional firms, and companies with offices strategically placed in cities throughout the U.S.

We do have several cubicles for the budget conscious extrovert who wants a dedicated spot to work, as well as a standing desk, and a Hot Desk for drop-in visitors, perfect if you’re in town to mountain bike, but still need to get some work done.

In addition we offer mailbox services to businesses who don’t need office space, but do need a secure place to receive mail that is neither their home, nor a Post Office Box.

And our Virtual Office plans are perfect for businesses who don’t have a physical location, but need a landing spot for business licenses and such.

If you need any of the above, just click Contact Us below and we will be happy to come up with a unique plan to help your business succeed.




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