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3 Solid YouTubers to Follow for Health and Wellness Inspo


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PHOTO: eyestix studio, unsplash

One thing so many solo remote workers say they miss when there’s no office to go to, is the ability to connect with and learn from their coworkers. Information, thoughts, and ideas are exchanged at the copier, elevator door, microwave, or in Bentonville - the bike rack! Many of these ideas are around health and fitness. It is with this in mind that this week, we present a list of 3 Solid YouTubers to Follow for Health and Wellness Inspo.

Yoga with Adriene's YouTube Banner
Yoga with Adriene's YouTube Banner

During the Pandemic, a lot of us started looking for new ways to relax, release stress, and exercise from home. This is when Yoga with Adrienne really took off. No matter your skill level or available time, there is absolutely something for you on Adriene’s channel. Yoga and meditation is her main focus, but occasionally you’ll find some cooking videos and even prenatal yoga. With over 12.5 million subscribers, it's a sure bet that Adriene's channel is not some fly-by-night fad.

The PopSugar Fitness YouTube banner
The PopSugar Fitness YouTube banner

Looking for ideas curated by a legit publisher and not just some guy with a tripod and weight bench in his garage? Look no further than POPSUGAR fitness. There’s all sorts of videos here, from indoor body-weight workouts, routines with dumbbells and bands, basic cardio, or some old-school dance workouts.  A quick scroll finds most workouts range from 10-45 minutes.  Most workouts feature several presenters, each going at a different pace, so there’s always someone to follow and not feel like you’re behind or being left out. 

UCLA Health's banner photo from YouTube
UCLA Health on YouTube

Are you more comfortable with following something science-backed and university-tested? Check out UCLA Health, with presentations on fitness, diet, mental health, and medical issues, you are guaranteed to find honest and truthful answers here, plus useful videos on the UCLA health system and hospitals, sports medicine, and cutting edge research. 


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