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Adjusting to Daylight Saving Time

Updated: Mar 8

This is a short one, but full of practical information so fire up and focus! DST is upon us. So while we all love the longer evenings, we also “lose” an hour’s sleep, and we’re plunged back into waking in the dark for the foreseeable future. So how to survive until summer? Here are 4 tips for adjusting to daylight saving time that are both easy and simple to implement*.

A clock sliding under a blanket, as if going back to bed
Bruno Figueiredo -Unsplash


If you can, set your clock forward a few days early. You could also wake up an hour earlier each day for about a week in advance, so that first day isn't so jarring. Both will ease you into the transition gently, rather than off into the deep end with everyone else.


Especially closer to bed time. Coffee drinkers can be annoyingly alert in the early mornings. Normally, this is good, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you’ll want to cut back an hour earlier than normal in the week leading up to the time change. Ditto, if you use alcohol. You may think it’s helping you sleep, when what it actually does is make you drowsy, then wakes you up before you’re fully rested, leaving you exhausted the next day. Although on the flip side, the time change also means you will be getting to bed an hour earlier, so in the case of wine, it might just work to your advantage ;) 


Most experts agree that the best time to exercise is when you will actually do it. That said there is a lot of evidence pointing to early morning workouts and increased energy throughout the day. 


The first three were basically free, but this last one might cost a little money, depending on whether you have access to a light therapy box. There’s nothing inherently special about a light box, really, and they’re not espeically expensive. There's no UV emitted, it's just a bright light meant to simulate bright sunlightThey can be bought online for under $20. Using one is easy - all you do is turn it on and sit about a foot away from it, with your eyes open, for 10-20 min. Maybe while you drink your coffee ;0. 


If you're looking for a setup to start Q2 the right way, wait an hour, then call us, coz we're still adjusting to daylight saving time Or, if you want it off your plate and on to ours, use the form on the other end of the button. Let us know in the comment field that you want to try a free day of coworking.

*DISCLAIMER: Note that we're not doctors, scientists, or experts, just loudmouth know-it-alls, so take our advice with a grain of salt ;0



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