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Some Reasons to Consider Co-Working

Congratulations, your job has gone remote! It’s a hard-won battle that should have been a no-brainer, but for some, the old ways die hard. So now, like a majority of your peers, you are free to workfromanywhere, WFH, or, maybe try coworking.

Coworking and flexspace have many advantages over remote working from home. Unless you have dedicated space that no one can breach, working from home is fraught with distractions and baggage that for some, is an obstacle that is insurmountable.

Work-Life Balance

Consider work-life balance. If you work from home, it’s hard to shut down the grind. You can always just pop to your desk to send one more email, check that notification, or do more “research”.

On the flip side, all those chores you didn’t get around to on Saturday are still there staring you in the face on Monday morning. Why not pop in a load of laundry after your first call? Then start the slow-cooker. Or clean the floor with mop-socks. Before you know if, you’re trying to mow the lawn over lunch, and dig a new pool with your afternoon ZOOM calls on mute.

A formal office away from home gives you the chance to focus on work at work, without the attention-stealing distractions of home, and vice-versa.


Because of its turnkey nature, coworking and flexspace offer greater affordability than a traditional office setup. Furniture, fixtures, printers, paper, internet, an ergonomic chair, decent lighting, and even extra coffee cost money. A good flexspace solution takes care of all this for you, freeing you to come in, sit down, log on, and get straight to work. Everything you need is included in one price, agreed upon up front, and in many cases, it can even be deducted as a normal business expense. (DISCLAIMER: We’re not tax people, so discuss this with a trusted tax professional.)

Improve Your Professional Image

Another advantage a formal office setup has: it gives you a professional image that you can’t get from your dining room table. Most offices have a reception area with seating, conference room space, access to a break room with coffee and snacks, perpetually clean restrooms, and an open lounge area for informal conversation. All this, on top of the fact that most coworking offices are located near other businesses, lessens the likelihood that things will get awkward.

Choosing the flexspace option can make you more productive by contributing to your work-life balance with a physical boundary that makes it impossible to get distracted, or over-work after-hours. Choosing co-working is more affordable than setting up your own office. And having a professional office space around other working professionals ups your image - both to yourself, and in the eyes of others doing business with you.

Ready to set up your own flexible office space? It’s easier than you think. Click below to get started!


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